Our bookshop is the place to be to get your books and syllabi at the cheapest prices! You can also pay us a visit to purchase some of our Babylon themed gadgets or to buy tickets to one of our upcoming events. All of the above is made even cheaper if you become an official member! A mere €9 will warrant you year-long discounts on books, parties etc.

You can find us in the basement of the Erasmus building!

Opening Hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday 17h00-19h00
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 16h00-18h00
Friday Closed


International students can place their order by mailing a list of their necessary equipment to Be sure to mention your student number! We will send you a response to signal when you can collect your order.

You can also place an order by filling in the form (shown below) which can be found at the bookshop.

We also sell a number of cool gadgets to show off you’re a member of the best student union in Leuven! Have a look at what we have on offer!

Learn more about our Babylonstuff!