Representation @ Babylon


Student participation

Under the so-called on participation we, as students, have not only the right but also the duty to be part of the various advisory and decision-making bodies of the University of Leuven. Only in this way can we have a sufficient say in the way the institution organizes its education. The time that students merely been regarded as "the folks that populates the auditoriums and makes such examinations twice a year," making it for good. But perhaps because not every student will feel immediately called to the fist on the table to knock in case of regret or improve practices are appointed from Babylon responsible each year who take on this task with great enthusiasm in itself.

In the practice of Babylon educational leaders try the students of their circle so always and everywhere represent. They themselves are in many meetings, present and defend as the importance of their colleagues. They ensure that there is adequate representation at every level and are, of course, their fellow students in word and deed.

Education Meeting

All representation starts with you, the student. Indeed, it is your opinion that we need to proclaim in all councils in which we reside, not just our own. That's why we organize consultation sessions open from this year to form the basis of our representation. We call open consultation moments the Education Offices. All students of Language and Literature are free to attend the Education Offices and in order to express their views.

The purpose of the Education is to gather your opinions on various subjects so that we can take to defend and in many decision-making bodies of our training, faculty and university. Sometimes, however, it is very complex themes or topics which hangs a solid history. It is therefore important that each theme that is for is always framed enough so that you can cast an informed vote. The Education, there is the ideal place. It will bring this year therefore the task of the Responsible Education of Babylon you are always informed of all new developments so that appropriate to continue to be played.

It is clear that every student in Linguistics and Literature who wants it, can play a role in education Representation. Whether you yourself are an active student representative or not, the Education allows everyone his / her egg lost.

Meeting cycle

What happens to those views once we have collected? The student representatives of the various agencies will do their best to express an opinion in line with the consensus on the Education Office. This consensus, however, pass on different levels, where it is often "mixed" with the views of other delegations. Below you can see in a structured way which make your opinions. The blue bars represent students present; The green bars represent decision-making bodies on education; the pink bars at faculty level and the orange bars on university level.

The consensus of the Education therefore provides direct access to both the POC and the CCs, and there will not in the way they defended was captured on the desk. is for the other levels is somewhat different, because then some other delegations of student representatives to look to convey the views of their students. To ensure utmost effectiveness student representatives will usually try to reach a mutual consensus, so what defended at the faculty and university management bodies will not be an exact copy will be voting on the Education, but a consensus of the student representatives of the various programs or faculties. In addition, the program-related student representatives sit yourself in all faculty members and not in the university bodies. In those cases, it is necessary that he who does so (eg., The chairman of the Faculty Consultative or a representative of Stura) manages to get one worn opinion from various circles.


As you could see, we do our best to your opinion to the various councils which we sit to get above, but what happens in those councils and who represents you in any advice? There are three different levels of representation in which we participate: the discipline, the faculty and the university. Click on one of the levels for more information and to discover who it absorbs any advice for you!