Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts

The Faculty Council and the Subfaculty Council

The Faculty Council (FR) is traditionally the highest decision-making body of the faculty. Since the integration of the academic college courses in 2013. However, our faculty has multiple campuses, each of Louvain, Brussels, Antwerp and Kortrijk. The campuses are so-called "subfaculties" each with its own Subfaculteitsraad (SFR). Only exception therein Leuven and Kortrijk which together form one subfaculty and thus share one SFr. The Subfaculteitsraad Arts @ Leuven Kortrijk is the highest organ of our sub-faculty and is where the combined opinions of the different POC and vote. Also subfaculteitsbrede matter is obviously at issue here. The actual Faculty spanning all subfaculties treats only matter that concerns the entire faculty (such as the election of a new Dean), and occurs only rarely together.

(Sub) Faculty Council consists of all ZAP members (i.e., all professors) of the (sub-) faculty, a number of representatives of the ABAP (i.e., the assistants) and ATP (i.e. administrative staff) and student representatives. Students still have 10% of the votes. The meeting is chaired by the (campus) dean Jo Tollebeek.

The Didactic Commission

The Teaching Commission (DC) is the faculty POC of the Faculty of Arts and coordinates all training-POC of our faculty. She prepares all major education-related decisions at faculty level and discusses the decisions of individual training-POC. You could she look so if the "educational variant" of the Faculty Council.

The Teaching Commission composed of representatives of the educational-POC, which is the program directors and a student representative from each POC. The meeting is complemented by three representatives of the ZAP, three of the ABAP and one of the tutoring service. In addition, the seat of the (under) Chairman of coral in the DC as an observer. The meeting is chaired by the Vice Dean for Education: Liesbet Heyvaert.

The Faculty Board

The Faculty Board (FB) is responsible for the daily management of the faculty. For example, they make decisions on the practical organization of education in the faculty.

The Faculty Board consists of the deanery team, being the dean and vice dean for Education, Research and Internationalisation. Additionally sit there in the FB campus deans of the campuses in Brussels and Antwerp and representatives of the Research Unit of the Faculty (eg Linguistics, Literature, History, etc.). There also sit two student representatives in the FB: The chairman and vice-chairman of coral.


The Faculty Consultative Body

Campus Coordinating Council of Arts (coral), the Faculty Consultative Body (FO) of the students of the Faculty of Arts and is the beating heart of the faculty student representation on our faculty. As the official fo the Faculty of Arts also makes them part of the General Assembly (GA) of the Student University of Leuven (Stura). Coral brings together representatives of the various programs and campuses of the faculty to discuss faculty-wide matter and to prepare for the AV Stura.


Coral is composed of student representatives of the various programs and campuses of the Faculty of Arts. From Leuven resided representatives of the courses Language and Literature, History, Language and Area Studies, Archaeology, Art History, Musicology, Business Communication, Cultural Studies and the specific teacher training. In addition, the campuses Antwerp, Kortrijk and Brussels also send a delegation representatives.


Have a look at who will be representing you in the various councils of our faculty.

Subfaculty Council of Arts @Leuven-Kortrijk (fraction Linguistics and Literature)

Didactic Commission of Arts (from the POC Linguistics and Literature)