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The Teaching Commission (POC) Language and Literature responsible for the quality control of the Bachelor programs of Linguistics and Literature, Master of Linguistics and Literature, Master of Linguistics Master of Western literature and master of linguistics and literature : English. It is the place where students and teachers come together to evaluate the programs in their entirety and improving. For example, a file is handled by the POC, is entering an elective language and text III in the bachelor's program. The POC Language and Literature has not itself the final say, but speaks only opinions which she passes on to the (sub) Faculty Council of the Faculty of Arts.


The POC Language and Literature consists of eleven voting members of the ZAP (i.e., the professors), three representatives of the ABAP (i.e., the assistants) and seven student representatives. The students still make up a third of the meeting. The eleven voting faculty members are the chairmen of the eleven curriculum committees; they speak on the POC also on behalf of their CC. Additionally sit a ZAP member of the Campus Kortrijk and the monitoring of Language and Literature in the POC as observers. The meeting is chaired by the Programme Director: Jan Papy.

The curriculum commissions

As the POC group on program-wide matter, if bending the curriculum committees (CCs) over matter that only covers a portion of the training. Nine CCs are responsible for the curriculum of the languages offered in our training; two CCs are responsible for discipline-related courses from the programs: the ATW CC and the CC ALW. In the CCs together all ZAP members who are active in the curriculum of the CC in question; Students also here still one third of the meeting. The CC's recommendations speak out for the POC Language and Literature.


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