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Student Council KU Leuven


The Student KU Leuven (Stura) is the decree student of the University of Leuven and is responsible for the representation of all KU Leuven students, regardless of their faculty or campus. She takes care of the representation at the level of the educational institution (i.e. KU Leuven) and at the Flemish level. Stura consists of a team of officers which take place in one (or more) of the many university-wide decision-making bodies of the University of Leuven as the Academic Council, the Education etc.

The Stura General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) of Stura, as coral which is at the level of the faculty, the beating heart of the student representation at the level of the educational institution. Representatives of all sixteen faculties come together to discuss university-wide teaching topics such as the third examination period and the Education and Examination Regulations (OER), but also issues in terms of diversity, sustainability and globalization are discussed.

The faculty representatives in the Stura AV decisions based on voting positions on certain issues. The Stura-officers then defend those positions in the relevant decision-making bodies.


The Student KU Leuven is responsible for student representation in university-wide bodies of the KU Leuven. Its representatives sit on numerous councils, of which probably the most important (though they are of course all important), the Academic Council and the Board of Education.

The Academic Council

The Academic Council (AR) is (similar to the Faculty Council at faculty level), the highest decision-making body of the KU Leuven and has the final say on university-wide matter. AR is therefor supported by a number of advisory bodies such as the Education and Diversity Council.

The Academic Council is composed of all vice rectors and deans of the university, the General Manager and the Academic Administrators and some representatives of the staff. It is composed of four students in AR: one student from each group of the University (Humanities and Social Sciences, Biomedical Sciences and Science and Technology) and the vice president of Stura. AR is chaired by the Rector: Rik Torfs.

The Education Council

The Education (OWR) is the advisory board of the Academic Council which charge of checking with education. It is similar to the POC responsible for expressing opinions in the field of education which are then voted on later in the AR.

The OWR is composed of the vice chancellors Educational and Student Affairs and all vice deans in charge of Education as representatives of their faculty. For our faculty is Liesbet Heyvaert. Also made up of five students in the OWR: two of Humanities, one of Biomedical Sciences, one of Science and Technology and one of an external campus (i.e., a KU Leuven Student studying than LEUVEN at another campus.)

In most other advisory councils composed of representatives of the Student University of Leuven. It's about:

In other university-wide bodies, the Student KU Leuven active.


General Assembly Stura KU Leuven (fraction Linguistics and Literature within CORaaL)

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